10 Mar 2015

Keynote Speech Video and Information

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Arredondo’s speech at the CIC conference!  Below are links to a video of her speech, PowerPoint, and other resources.



Journal Article- Personal Grief and Loss as a Result of Immigration

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11 Feb 2015

Poster Session and Closing Celebration

The 2015 CIC is fast approaching! Be sure to plan to attend the Poster Session and Reception at the end of the day from 4-5:30.

International food and beverages will be served while you enjoy posters of great projects related to the theme, conversations about the day, book signing and sales by Dr. Lauren Heidbrink, and Migration Stories videos, maps, and stories to read.

“Come for the conference…
Stay for the Celebration!”

Join the festivities as we celebrate the rich diversity of this country
And its culinary traditions to which immigrants have contributed greatly.

International snack stations with wine/beer/beverage pairings.

Internationally themed Door Prizes at 5:00 PM

Poster Awards and Conference Honors at 5:00 PM

Date:  Feb 13th

Time:  4-5:30 pm

Location:  4th floor, rooms 407/412 of the Wells Building

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26 Jan 2015

Share Your Migration Story!

Share your migration story!  Click here to see more information and submit your story.  Other related conference day events include:

  • Place your own or ancestral point(s) of origin on our U.S. and International Maps during Morning Registration in room 407 of 325 N. Wells
  • Join us in the Center for Latino Mental Health, 10th floor, 325 N. Wells for migration stories art installation, story sharing and conversations during lunch 12-1:15pm – bring your lunch and we will provide sweets from around the world
  • See Migration Story videos and view the finalized maps during the Closing Celebration and Poster Session 4-5:30pm, 325 N. Wells, 4th floor, rooms 407-412
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06 Jan 2015

Register Now for CIC 2015!

Registration for the 2015 Cultural Impact Conference is now open!

Register here!

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11 Nov 2014

Cultural Impact Conference 2015

cic 2015 logo

Cultural Impact Conference 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Downtown Campus)

325 N. Wells, Chicago, IL 60654

and the Merchandise Mart Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

Socio-ecology of Immigration and the

Role of Psychology

Nearly 73 million people in the U.S. are either foreign-born or native-born with at least one foreign-born parent.  Approximately one in five persons is a first- or second-generation immigrant.  By 2020, one in three children under the age of 18 will be the child of an immigrant (APA, 2012). Behind these numbers, there are remarkably diverse immigrant communities and individuals with unique backgrounds.  Immigrants come to this country for many reasons.  They are also received differently in terms of attitude, prejudice, and access to resources.  Not only immigrants but all participants in the two-way process of acculturation experience its challenges and advantages.

What is the role of psychologists in this complex context? The APA recommends that the field of psychology address the needs of immigrants “across practice, research, education, and policy domains” (APA, 2012). Thus our task is to understand the socio-ecology of immigration and how immigrants contribute to the vitality of communities and our national culture.  This conference will explore the many domains through which psychologists can make a difference.

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