Cultural Impact Conference 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012 – Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza

350 West Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654

Creativity: Pathways to Empowerment and Change

Jane Piirto

Creativity is in the personality, the process, and the product – a basic human need to make new.

Dr.  Jane Piirto, Keynote speaker, CIC 2012

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Our sixteenth Cultural Impact Conference is an invitation to presenters and participants to open their minds to the forces of creativity. Let us look with fresh eyes into our own personal and collective experience as human beings involved in multiple, complex relationships. Let us explore – collaboratively – our own creativity in professional contexts that are best known and most important to us. What makes us passionate, proactive, and willing to take risks in the field we have chosen? What frustrates and prevents us from responding creatively to challenges? What motivates us to innovate and adapt?

Sharing the germinating seeds of ideas, hypotheses, or practices that come from diverse cultural and professional contexts will enrich and inspire all of us to rethink familiar concepts, theories, models, and standards. Through asking difficult questions and reevaluating old answers, we hope to envision and create new ways of empowerment and change in our immediate environment and in the world.

Consistent with our theme, we will not limit the conference program only to traditional presentation forms such as lectures and panels. We will look for creativity in process, which can take any form – from interactive workshops, multimedia, and interdisciplinary work to demonstrations of innovative pedagogy to art installations, poetry readings, theater, and music. There are many possible forms of engaging in the conference as a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth – choose your own way.

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