Healing hurt people

Carol Reese, LCSW (Healing Hurt People)

Using anecdotal and quantitative data from a pediatric trauma-informed hospital-based violence intervention program in Chicago, this presentation will explore the ways in which developmental trauma, structural violence, and chronic adversity perpetuate the risk for violence and community trauma. The presentation will describe promising approaches to trauma-informed intervention with youth affected by community violence and preliminary outcomes from youth who participated in six or more months of intensive case management and/or trauma psychoeducation groups. Pilot data suggests that participation in trauma-informed violence intervention services promotes trauma recovery and reduces the likelihood of re-injury, retaliation, and criminal justice system involvement. The presentation will discuss implications for clinicians and researchers working with young people of color in urban contexts and the importance of public health approaches to community violence. The presentation will also highlight the importance of inter-disciplinary approaches crossing boundaries that exist between healthcare institutions and the communities they serve.

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