The Way I See It: A photographic exploration of meaning through the eyes of children exposed to community violence

Michael Nutt, M.A., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Violence in general, and community violence in particular has become a national health concern. Although everyone is directly exposed or indirectly affected by youth violence, it is particularly devastating for marginalized inner city communities.  To begin to understand how to protect the human rights of children living in extreme environments the process psychology needs to listen. Psychology needs embrace the voices of children growing, developing, and enduring these conditions as it is often silenced and absent. This dissertations project seeks to explore the world of Chicago’s children through engagement in Photo voice. A community based participant action research grounded in engaging and empowering children in the transformation of their communities through photographs. By capturing images of positive and negative aspects of their neighborhoods, children can engage in the discussion of social issues and unveil the developmental needs of children in Chicago.

Keywords: Community Violence, Children, Photography, Liberation Psychology

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