Saving Our Sons: Identifying Interventions to Prevent the Effects of Community Violence Among African American Male Adolescents

Ronald Love, Jr., M.A., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Community violence has been a growing problem within urban communities for years. There is a large amount of research that addresses the mental and individual effects of youth, specifically ethnic minority adolescents who are exposed to community violence. African American males between the ages of 12 and 19 are more likely to become exposed, whether they are victims or are involved in gangs themselves. Exposure and experiences of community violence has shown serious implications on adolescents’ external and internal behaviors and mental health.  This study, which is part of a dissertation proposal, aims to review the existing literature on interventions that have been indicated to intervene with the impact and symptoms of community violence exposure among adolescents. The study will review interventions and programs that may have been used by non-profit organizations, mental health care providers, schools, and other organizations that provide direct care to African American male adolescents.

Keywords: Community Violence; African-American; Intervention; Adolescent

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