Braden Berkey – Session II

Connecting communities and classrooms: A faculty & staff roundtable

Braden Berkey, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus

Many Chicagoans think of the city racked by violence and racial tension as another place—not their neighborhood or workplace. However, the marginalized communities are less than 3 miles from our campus. Many members of our academic community would like to navigate that divide, but do not know where to start. Faculty and staff from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and other psychology programs are invited to participate in a structured round table discussion exploring creative ways of connecting our classrooms to communities and, in the process, creating bidirectional learning opportunities. Members of the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Committee will present samples of projects and coursework, sharing successes and lessons learned. We will explore the development of community-based participatory research, interventions, and social justice initiatives. The session itself will be an exercise in community building; we will discuss transcending program and institutional identities to leverage connections, resources, and experiences to create meaningful change.