Breeda McGrath, Ruby Lirio — Session III

Universities as intervening organizations: Psychological residuals of slavery and colonization in Indonesia

Breeda McGrath, PhD (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Online Campus, via GoToWebinar) and Ruby Lirio (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus, In-Person Presenter)

The current political, social, and educational climate in Indonesia has a great deal to offer the US, as we grapple with questions of multiculturalism, oppression, resiliency, and healing. With a population of over 250 million people, Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority country in the world, with the second highest level of biodiversity. The Old Javanese motto for the country is “Unity in Diversity,” reflecting the wide range of cultures that came together to choose a national language. Having been colonized by the Dutch, occupied by the Japanese, and losing millions to famine and civil war, the Indonesian people have experienced corruption, political suppression, social unrest, military occupation, terrorism, and severe economic crisis. This presentation will focus on what we can learn from Indonesia about healing the past, respecting diversity, and focusing on creating a pluralist society where educational opportunity and international relationships are leveraged to best effect.