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12 Apr 2016

Cultural Impact Conference 2017

Resiliency and Healing in the Aftermath of Violence in Marginalized Communities

Keynote Speaker:  James Garbarino

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CIC 2017 Keynote presentation

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Violence in marginalized communities is a byproduct of structural racism with historical and present-day harmful repercussions. Institutional racism includes policies and structures that deprive certain individuals within a society equal opportunity to social, economic and political advantages. It is reflected in disparities regarding criminal justice, employment,housing, health care, political power and education.  Consequently, marginalized communities fraught with violence are created and sustained.  The witnessing, victimization and exposure to racism and violence for individuals residing in marginalized communities may lead to detrimental long lasting psychological effects (APA, 2014). As engaged members of our community, we have an obligation and responsibility to address the cycle of violence and promote resiliency and healing.

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