Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Azucena Bahena, Alyssa Broomfield, Jackie Estrada — Session II

Neuroscientific bases of trauma-sensitive schools: Biology leading community intervention

Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D, Azucena Bahena, Alyssa Broomfield, and Jackie Estrada, M.S. (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, School Psychology, Chicago Campus)

The concept of “Trauma-sensitive Schools” is relatively new and represents a movement to understand and treat the educational sequelae of acute and complex childhood trauma. Translational neuroscience findings assist in the understanding of how the physiological and developmental aspects of trauma may lead to behaviors that are often misunderstood by educators, and to discipline that may be ineffective or exacerbates negative outcomes. Neuroscientific information informs educators how to identify and understand behaviors that are associated with trauma, and how to effectively transform the school climate into a culturally-aware and sensitive environment that is conducive to learning. This workshop will present an overview of the Trauma Sensitive Schools movement, information on the neuropsychology of trauma, evidence-based intervention efforts to reach children in the school setting, and multiple resources for mental health professionals, specialized bilingual professionals, parents, and educators.