Elise Groenewegen — Session III

Creating trauma-informed People-Safe Places (PSP): A public health approach

Elise Groenewegen (Illinois Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics – ICAAP)

The traumatic effects of violence often become apparent in the behavior of children and/or their caregiver(s). For example, a child’s behavior may become more challenging as a result of witnessing or experiencing violence, and a caregiver’s response to this may be maladaptive due to their own trauma or stress. Providers in a public space, whether a clinic waiting room or public library, may help to mitigate this if met with nonjudgmental and nonthreatening alternatives, and if they are equipped to offer referral information for more guidance and/or services. This presentation will explore how to create trauma-informed People Safe Places (PSP) to promote effective limit setting, healthy relationships, support of family self-care, and community strengths. PSPs are trauma-informed environments that consistently encourage resilience, healing, and overall well-being for caregivers, their families, and the community.