James Garbarino and Robert John Zagar – Session II

Finding understanding and diverting violence-prone persons: An evidence-based approach

James Garbarino and Robert John Zagar, Juvenile Division Circuit Court of Cook County and Loyola University, Chicago

The developmental pathway from “normal” childhood aggression to adult violence includes a conceptual and empirical accumulation of (a) childhood trauma (i.e., three types of stress), (b) deprivation, and (c) genetic vulnerability. Violence can be predicted sensitively and specifically. Evidence-based diversions include jobs, mentors, and anger management cognitive behavior therapy that saved 324 lives and $2.005 billion in Chicago 2009-2015. The algorithm to be presented resulted in four US Presidential executive orders releasing 6,100 nonviolent federal prisoners, two US Supreme Court decisions, Miller v. Alabama and Graham v. Florida, and one Act of Congress on predictive analytics for the military and veterans. Sections from the bestselling Listening to Killers will be presented.