Jessica Reichert, Jaclyn Houston-Kolnik, Lily Gleicher – Session I

Trauma and violence in communities: Psychological impact

Jessica Reichert, M.A., Jaclyn Houston-Kolnik, PhD, and Lily Gleicher, M.S., Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

This presentation will provide an overview of community violence and trauma, highlighting the psychological impact such events have on individuals. Further, it will examine ways to prevent, minimize, and treat the psychological impacts following a traumatic event. Information used in the presentation includes findings from a survey of over 1,000 Chicago residents on safety and violence concerns. In addition, presenters will discuss how individuals may react differently to experiences of violence or trauma, and how those reactions may involve psychological stressors and symptomology, contributing to externalizing behaviors and potentially negative coping strategies. Lastly, presenters will discuss how viewing these behaviors and coping strategies through a lens of trauma may increase trauma sensitivity and help inform policy and practice with highly victimized and traumatized populations, including incarcerated individuals.