Kasia Wereszczynska, Matt Glowiak – Session I

Trauma of Victimization: Critical Symptoms, Response, and Recovery

Kasia Wereszczynska, Matt Glowiak, Counseling Speaks

Trauma may manifest itself in many forms and occur through one or more mediums. Although it is commonplace to rate some traumatic experiences as more severe than others, research indicates that the subjective experience of the event psychologically outweighs the objective reality. Consequently, multiple people experiencing the exact same event will present with varied critical symptoms, responses, and rates of recovery. To a great extent these differences are the product of one’s culture, which involves the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols a person accepts. These differences compound further through the process of acculturation. This presentation will explore factors associated with these differing perceptions while providing insights as to how one might appropriately define trauma, assess symptomology, determine the impact of dysfunction, develop an effective treatment plan, and provide an ongoing set of strategies and approaches to empower the client beyond the duration of counseling – all within the context of one’s culture. By being mindful of these considerations, counselors may maximize their impact throughout and beyond the counseling process.