Monica Cummings – Session I

The influence of culture on identity formation


Monica Cummings, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science-Office of Diversity/Inclusion

The dominant mainstream media in the United States have historically projected fear and insecurity onto members from marginalized ethnic and racial groups by producing and marketing stereotype-laden images and programs that are unconsciously internalized by targeted groups and the dominant culture. These internalized messages often manifest as forms of self-hatred in target groups and white supremacy in the dominant culture. The influence of culture on identity development will be explored using a multilayered approached. Utilizing a video presentation of media images that reinforce racial and gender stereotypes, participants will discuss the influence of such images on their identity development. The Cummings Identity Map instrument consists of nine culturally significant categories that will enhance participants’ ability to self-reflect leading to deeper self-awareness. Upon completion of the Cummings Identity Map instrument, participants will process and discuss their findings in small and large groups.