Nancy Peddle, Stephanie Contreras, and Jennifer Ayala– Session II

Global Community Intervention: Promoting trauma-healing/resiliency in community using forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation

Nancy Peddle, PhD, Stephanie Contreras, M.A., and Jennifer Ayala, M.A. (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, International Psychology, Online Campus)

This Global Community Intervention presentation will enhance your knowledge of a successful community intervention that addresses trauma and violence and will offer some concrete tools for yourself, your children, or work. The intervention supports changes to brain patterns and increases vibrational wellbeing especially as related to depression, anger, unworthiness, and other mental health matters. This intervention is built on 17 years of evidence-based research by Dr. Nancy Peddle with results showing a reduction of stress, anger, hurt, trauma, and increased resiliency and well-being. Dr. Peddle developed the FGA (Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Appreciation) event through work with Drs. Luskin (Stanford), Toussaint (Lutheran), and Dubrow (Erickson). Research has shown the power of forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation in connection with better physical health, positive psychosocial wellbeing, greater longevity, and increased happiness. Dr. Peddle, Vicki Browne RN, BSN, OCN, and TCSPP students have worked with people from Bhutan, Gambia, Nicaragua, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Sierra Leone with healing results. Self-care will be emphasized along with hands-on activities.