Nathan NeJuan Howell — Session III

Thug Child: Against all odds

Nathan NeJuan Howell, PsyD (His Sheltering Arms, Inc.)

The Thug Child: Birthed through resilience, raised in trauma, trained to survive. Based on the presenter’s graduate research on Tupac Shakur’s concept of Thug Life in inner city youth, this presentation will challenge traditional definitions and provide insight in the adaptive resiliency exemplified by inner city youth. Due to constant exposure to trauma with little mental health treatment these youth developed a unique sense of pride that is referred to as Thug Life.  The presentation will task attendees to confront their ideas on the destructive behaviors displayed by some urban youth, and will offer alternative and insightful ways of viewing such behaviors. Attendees will be provided with tools to enhance their ability to incite healing in inner-city communities and beyond.