Poster: Intergenerational Trauma in South Africa

Intergenerational Trauma in South Africa

Jasmine Alkhatib, Haley Braun, Mindy Siegert, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This poster will examine what is described in the literature about the transmission of intergenerational trauma within the South African context. Our definition of intergenerational trauma includes an examination of the historical oppression that has taken place across multiple generations in South Africa, as well as the negative psychological consequences that accompany it. A training session will be delivered to a non-governmental organization (NGO) trauma care center, called Ekupholeni, located near Johannesburg. The training will occur in March 2017. Our poster will explore the significance of HIV/AIDS as a source of trauma. In addition, the particular trauma experienced by South African women will be examined. Finally, this poster will identify strategies to enable a culturally competent training. The widespread nature of trauma in South Africa necessitates culturally sensitive and effective trauma care, which Ekupholeni, in partnership with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, seeks to provide.

Keywords: South Africa, Intergenerational Trauma, Historic Oppression, Women, Cultural Competence