Poster: Protective and Resiliency Factors of Racial Minority LGBTQ Youth

Protective and Resiliency Factors of Racial Minority LGBTQ Youth

Katlin Schultz, M.A., Joanne Keith, M.A., Adler University

While protective factors have been explored in LGBTQ youth, there is less known about protective for LGBTQ racial minorities. There has been some research suggesting that social media has helped individuals find one’s place within the LGBTQ youth community by using social media to connect with other transgender youth of color to affirm their identity (Singh, 2013). This ability to connect and form support from other people who identify as LGBTQ of a racial minority has similar effects as the support from peer groups, such as fostering identity affirmation and increases in self-esteem and self-concept. Research suggests that LGBTQ racial minorities who lose family ties are able to remain resilient through the support of local and social media communities. This suggests the need for outreach programs to help racial minority LGBTQ youth in connecting with others to expand their social support networks within their peer groups and the community.

Keywords: racial minorities, LGBTQ youth, protective factors.