Sandra Siegel, Brandon Clinton, and Leterrious Douglas — Session III

The impact of violence in the African American community: Past and present perspectives

Sandra Siegel, PsyD, Brandon Clinton, and Leterrious Douglas (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Chicago Campus)

The presentation will give a snapshot view of the history of African American people from the time of slavery to the current war zone of inner city Chicago. The story will focus on Chicago’s history including the Great African American migrations, the early years of prosperity through the losses of historical heroes such as Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, and the riots that left the West Side devastated. A discussion of how drug dealing became a viable career, gangs, the War on Drugs, mass incarcerations, and the negative relationships between the community and the Chicago Police Department will be reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on historical trauma, the resilience of the community, and the significance of the recent Federal Government Justice Department’s scathing report on The Chicago Police Department’s use of excessive force and the violations of the constitutional rights of people of color, as well as solutions.