Session 2 10:45-12:00pm Breakout Sessions

10:45am to 12:00 pm

Session 2: Breakout Sessions

Location: Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

Attendees will select one presentation to attend from the sessions listed below.


Session 2a (1.25 CE/CEU credits)*

Presenter: Nancy Zarse, Psy.D.

Title: Assessing Risk of Violence

Summary: This introductory workshop describes violence risk assessment and threat management. This applies equally to school violence, mass casualty violence, and terrorism. Since there is no profile for a shooter, base your assessment on behavior. Learn about risk factors for, and warning signs of, violence, as well as escalation towards and protective factors against violence. Understand the difference between affective and predatory violence, especially with regard to planned violence in schools, the workplace, and/or the community. Contemporary Threat Management offers an approach to assessing and managing the risk of violence. Learn the stages of intended violence, as well as the importance of basing the assessment on known facts and behaviors. Unmask the challenges of assessing violence, including reporting concerns and the critical function of the Threat Assessment Team. Discover the power of one simple question: Is there movement from thought to action?


Session 2b* (1.25 CE/CEU credits)*

Presenters: Jaleel Abdul-Adil, Chanelle Doucette, Angela Juister, Mohammed Akhtar, Isha Mahajan

Title: Hip-Hop H.E.A.L.S.: Sounds and Services for Youth Violence Prevention

Summary: Hip-Hop H.E.A.L.S. (Helping Everyone Achieve Liberation and Success) is an innovative youth programming model that employs strategically-selected songs, videos, and other components of Rap music and Hip-Hop. This interactive panel will highlight ways of using this model to address gun and community violence among urban youth.


Session 2c* (1.25 CE/CEU credits)*

Presenters: Kate Mahoney, LCSW & Leah Hoane, BA

Title: Reducing Stigma, Dispelling Myths about Mental Illness and Gun Violence

Summary: Mental illness is one of our nation’s most critical health issues. However, myth and stigma have led to misinformation about mental illness including its role in gun violence. The significant role that gun access plays in death by suicide will also be addressed. *See the Continuing Education Credit Tab for more information about the session, including learning objectives and speaker bios.