Session 4 2:45-3:45pm Breakouts

2:45-3:45 pm

Session 4: Breakout Sessions

Location: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Chicago Campus, 325 N. Wells Ave.

Attendees will select one presentation to attend from the sessions listed below.


Session 4a

Presenters: Sindile Dlamini & Udean Mars-Williams

Title: A Comprehensive Approach to Gun Violence Prevention: An International Perspective

Summary: The presentation will examine why mass shootings happen in United States schools in comparison to the international context and provide a comprehensive intervention approach to gun violence in both the U.S. and globally.


Session 4b

Presenter: Franshonn Salter

Title: Gun Violence and Prevention in Marginalized Communities

Summary: On July 6, 2014 and May 13, 2015, Franshonn Salter, a student at The Chicago School, lost two nephews (brothers) to gun violence. Franshonn will share her personal story of the impact that gun violence has had on her and her family. She will discuss how gun violence affects the communities and introduce an interdisciplinary approach to combat gun violence.


Session 4c

Presenter: Natalie Petrovich

Title: Teachers’ Perceptions of Warning Signs to Prevent Mass Shootings

Summary: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss how teachers perceive the process of identifying and acting upon warning signs to prevent mass school shooters, and their experience of school policies and procedures for engaging in this process.


Session 4d

Presenters: Joseph Futerman & Cris Scaglione

Title: The Archetype of the Gun: Protection, Power, and Heaven’s Fire

Summary: Mass shootings always bring calls for gun control.  Rarely are these calls ever acted upon. Why? What is gun ownership in the unconscious of America? We will examine the history of the gun in America’s collective mind, investigating the meanings attributed to guns and seeking the reason why we won’t give them up.


Session 4e

Presenters: Miles Groth & Kyle Glover

Title: Being Male is not the Problem: Confuting Toxic Masculinity

Summary: In the wake of mass shootings in the United States there is often a response that attributes the shooting not to mental illness but instead to “toxic masculinity.” This presentation seeks to confute the hypothesis of toxic masculinity as a cause of mass shootings and examines other psychological and cultural factors that better explain these events.


Session 4f

Presenter: Janai Manning

Title: War Zone: Gun Violence’s Impact on Marginalized Communities

Summary: Gun violence and mass shootings don’t just pertain to mass shootings at schools, clubs, or religious spaces; it also pertains to community violence. In certain communities, that type of violence is expected and normalized.


Session 4g

Presenters: Courtland C. Lee & Candice A. Hughes

Title: Addressing the Trauma of International and National Crises: A Trans-disciplinary Perspective

Summary: Faculty, staff, and students from TCSPP and other psychology programs are invited to participate in a structured round table discussion exploring creative ways that we can better connect our programs and specialty areas to address trauma that accompanies international and national crises.


Session 4h

Presenter: Todd DuBose

Title: A Blood Aporia: A Khora-nauts Ana/ Ethical Response to Violently Killing Violence

Summary: This presentation explores the violence we do to violence in both deficit-corrective and interpretive-understanding models of care, and offers an alternative practice of care called khoratic hospitality.


Session 4i

Presenters: Sandra Siegel, Linda Robinson, Tyrell McGhee, & Steven Ostergaard

Title: Trauma Response to Community Violence

Summary: This presentation will focus on the possible causes to inner city black on black violence. There are multiple studies that indicate exposure to community violence is connected to increased aggressive behavior, depression, anxiety, substance use, and poor academic performance. A holistic review of the biological, psychological, and social links to trauma will inform possible solutions.


Session 4j

Presenters: Nancy Bothne, Candice Hughes, Claude Barbre, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Jaleel Abdul-Adil, Michael Kocet, Sandra Siegel, Laura Benton, & Kelley Haynes-Mendez

Title: Connecting Communities and Classrooms: Addressing Violence, Multiculturalism, and Diversity

Summary: Faculty, staff, and students from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and other psychology programs are invited to participate in a structured round table discussion and consultation about the risks of violence and strategies for recovery.  MDAC will promote discussion of ecological and trauma-focused perspectives that respect multiculturalism and diversity.


Session 4k (ONLINE only)

Presenter: Kelley Haynes-Mendez

Title: Critiquing the Impact of Law Enforcement Violence on Marginalized Populations

Summary: This webinar will include insights from public health and mental health professionals. The webinar will address the impact of law enforcement violence on marginalized populations, including public statements from relevant mental and public health associations, and relevant scientific and scholarly research related to the topic.