Yitzi Katz – Session I

You look at me but do you know me? Understanding children’s experiences of violence


Yitzi Katz, Children’s Home + Aid, Chicago Trauma Collective

This presentation will examine prevention and healing when working with children from oppressed and impoverished communities experiencing ongoing violence and trauma. Detailed vignettes from diverse clinical settings will be presented to illustrate children’s experiences of violence in social systems. The presenter will analyze children’s reproduction and propagation of violence as a means of coping with past and present violence and trauma. Facilitating healing and preventing future trauma and violence will be addressed through the critical variables of shame and structural oppression. The aftermath of violence will be reconsidered from the perspective of dissociative self-states which children employ to negotiate trauma and violence. Attendees will be able to address the following questions: What is therapeutic engagement with a survivor of ongoing violence? How can a therapeutic setting be safe when the “outside” is not safe? How is violence reproduced by children in systems? Is prevention possible in the aftermath of severe trauma?